Florida SBDC at UWF and UWF Student Small Business Marketing Project

Companies receive a valuable marketing overview and analysis from a UWF College of Business student team at no-cost.

Working with Student Teams is a mutually advantageous situation for all parties involved.

A Florida SBDC at UWF business client will provide the student teams with marketing, financial, and other organization details necessary to research and complete the project. The Florida SBDC at UWF provides guidance to teams working on the analysis and final presentation. The client gets a no-cost marketing overview and potential business strategies as a result. A Florida SBDC at UWF business consultant will oversee the project. Our primary interest is to ensure that the client will receive an adequate report at the end of the semester.

This program lasts one semester, a total of 16 weeks. During the semester, the student team will prepare a strategic analysis or marketing plan, for the business client. A presentation will be created providing the organization with a professional and fully developed plan for use within the scope of the project.

Qualified businesses:

  • Have been in business for at least two years
  • Have more than 2 employees (not related to owner)
  • Have at least one social media platform and a website

In order for the student teams to prepare a functional plan for your business, you must be willing to agree to the following:

  • Become a client with the Florida SBDC at UWF. The Florida SBDC at UWF provides no-cost business consulting services to businesses within the 10-county regional area. Becoming a client consists of filling out an electronic Request for Consulting form and being input into our database. All information provided directly to the Florida SBDC at UWF will be regarded as confidential. By Federal mandate, we do not sell or give out our database.
  • Agree to meet with the Student Team (usually a small team of five to six students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a business-related field at the University. You’ll meet a few times at the beginning of the semester. You can continue to communicate with the team via e-mail and telephone to provide sufficient information about your business to the students to make the analysis and report useful for you.
  • Accurate financial information, in the form of company financial statements, may be required by the students and the Florida SBDC at UWF at the beginning of the project so that accurate, realistic industry analysis and growth projections can be developed.
  • Agree to provide to the Florida SBDC at UWF copies of all information provided to the Student Team, and a copy of the report.
  • Include the Florida SBDC at UWF business consultant in all communications.

All students in the team will sign the Florida SBDC at UWF Conflict of Interest form (or one generated by the University). A copy of the final report will be provided to you, another will remain at the Florida SBDC at UWF office, and the students will turn in a copy to their professor. These reports are not distributed to any entities. Only other students, and the professor, will have access to them.

A Florida SBDC at UWF consultant will reach out to businesses wishing to participate in this program after they have filled out the form below. You may contact him/her with any questions regarding the program, or for further assistance.


Final Project Outlines