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Government contracting services offered through your Florida APEX Accelerator — the catalyst for innovation and impact

Amplifying Innovation & Impact

By now you may have heard about Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) evolving into APEX Accelerators. The nationwide evolution is more than a name change; the APEX Accelerators program roll-out provides business owners with the knowledge, resources, and relationships they need to scale, innovate, and contribute to America’s industrial base as well as Florida’s economy. This effort also represents a new level of collaboration.

The program is a catalyst for further connection between the Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network and APEX Accelerator Network, with new resources for businesses looking to pursue opportunities available with the government. These resources include more specialized expertise from a statewide network of procurement specialists, enhanced access to training, new partnership opportunities at the state and national level, as well as deeper research and innovation support.

In summary, your Florida PTAC at UWF is now your Florida APEX Accelerator at UWF. Watch for updates about the growing program here!

Your Florida APEX Accelerator is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Defense. Our Government Contracting consulting, training, and information services are available at no cost to Florida businesses, large or small, which possess the interest and potential to perform work — as a prime contractor or a subcontractor — for federal, state, or local government agencies.

Consulting Services

Our Government Contracting Specialists provide high-value confidential one-on-one consulting, at no cost, to help Florida businesses research and bid on government contracts. Our consultants are knowledgeable, experienced and eager to assist you in making selling to the government less complicated and more profitable.

Florida APEX Accelerator logoOne-on-one confidential consulting services

  • Determine suitability for government contracting
  • Understanding the language and basics of contracting
  • Secure necessary federal, state, and local government registrations
  • Assistance in applying for small business programs including agency certified programs (SDVOSB, 8(a), HUBZone) and self-certifying programs (SDB, EDWOSB, MBE), and more
  • Research procurement histories and forecasts
  • Connect with government buyers and prime contractors
  • Identify proposal and bid opportunities
  • Customized profile on automated bid match service
  • Review solicitations, proposal documents, and make recommendations
  • Assistance with contract performance requirements
  • Assistance with contract audits
  • Assistance with post-award contract administration requirements

Schedule an appointment with a Government Contracting Specialist

Workshops & Networking Events

Government Contracting Specialists strive to bring the most relevant and informative workshops and training opportunities to help navigate the government procurement process and identify the critical steps in winning government contracts. Our classes cover a wide range of government contracting topics at the federal, state, and local government levels, and are taught by industry experts who have many years of government contracting experience. Nominal fees may apply for some workshops and events.

In addition, we sponsor government contracting and matchmaker events to connect business owners with agency buying officers and prime contractors.

Upcoming events

We offer many events and workshops throughout the year. We offer many events and workshops throughout the year.

Visit the Florida SBDC Get Training page for more information.

Information & Resources

Florida Government Contracting Specialists help you find information related to government contracts, including federal and military specifications and standards, commercial and data item descriptions, and agency procurement histories and forecasts.

  • Disaster relief contracting –
  • Florida Disaster Recovery Contracting Information Guide (PDF)
  • Federal, state, and local government agency registration and certification documents
  • System for Award Management (SAM) support
  • My Florida Marketplace registration
  • Marketing to government agency resources
  • Government agency procurement histories and forecasts
  • Statistical business information
  • Competitive and market assessment information
  • Federal, state and local acquisition regulations
  • Requests for proposals, solicitations, and bid documents

Government Contracting FAQs

APEX Accelerators

Do you have questions about government contracting? Wondering who the government purchases from? Is government contracting right for your business? Not sure where to look, how to start, or who to contact? We can help you find the answers needed to succeed.

We highly recommend that you make an appointment with the Government Contracting Specialist to receive individualized assistance for your business.

Who does the federal government purchase from?

The federal government purchases from business of all sizes, located throughout the country, for all types of services – from professional services to commodities. Look for opportunities that you are interested in and see what company was awarded the last contract and the terms – you can search or for recent awards.

Who am I competing with locally?

You can find out which local small businesses in your industry have registered to be able to sell to the government at the System for Award Management (SAM) website.

What are some of the steps for applying for and securing a contract?

  • Get a DUNS number
  • Find your NAICS codes and Product Service Codes
  • Register with the System for Award Management (SAM)
  • Work with a Government Contracting Specialist
  • Search bids
  • Go after opportunities
  • Seek sub-contracting or partnering opportunities
  • Build relationships
  • Attend classes and networking opportunities


  • It’s OK to start with a smaller contract than you would prefer. It will build past performance.
  • Take reasonable steps. If you are at $50,000 in sales, don’t take on a $300,000 contract unless you are partnering with someone or have done it before in another capacity.
  • Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Remember past performance is important. You can also run out of cash.

How do I leverage my business for competitive bids?

  • Be prepared – know if what you offer is publicly bid and when it is expected to go out next.
  • Know your competition and the needs of the agency.
  • Know HOW the bid usually goes out. If it is narrow in scope (say only X manufacturer), let the contracting officer know the value of competitive products with proven history. If they want the same scope, see if you can create new relationships before the bid goes out.

What can I do to help promote my business?

  • When talking to someone who can make referrals, make sure the person you are talking to understands what your business does and who would be interested in it (don’t assume they will know).
  • Work with the person you are talking with to determine if you offer a product or service that is being purchased within their dollar thresholds. Keep in mind there are often publicly bid contracts for frequent purchases.
  • If you have existing contracts with other agencies – BRING A COPY!! If you have other customers that show you can perform – share a list of customers/completed projects. Your past successes will help you.
  • Identify the agency’s process for accessing the individuals you want to promote to and provide your information in a clear format that clearly describes your capabilities.

I applied for a contract and was not successful. Now what do I do?

  • Always request a debriefing:
    • Ask who won the contract.
    • Ask how you can improve for the next opportunity.
    • Ask about what future opportunities will be available.
  • If you feel there are opportunities with that agency for small purchases with companies like yours and you feel your contact was not interested in your business, identify if cold calling purchasing/departments would be appropriate. You can often find these contacts by doing creative searches on their websites or calling the general number on their website.
  • Build relationships (support their goals; don’t do pressure sales).
  • If all else fails, review your marketing plan.

DisclaimerAPEX Accelerators national logo

This APEX Accelerator is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Department of Defense.

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